Mention whiplash, and most people picture an injury from an auto accident. The injury might be the byproduct of any event that results in the neck undergoing sudden and jerking motion. Whiplash patients at our Tecumseh Chiropractic Center sometimes report suffering from so much pain that they cannot get through their normal daily routines. Our Tecumseh chiropractor helps whiplash patients experience neck pain relief using therapies that avoid surgery or medication.

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Overview of Whiplash

Another name for whiplash is neck strain. An event that forces the neck to move quickly back and forth results in sufficient force to damage tendons, muscles, and vertebrae. Our Tecumseh chiropractor suggests picturing a whip being cracked.

Events such as sports-related injuries, physical abuse, and other types of trauma might force the head to jerk suddenly backward, then forward. However, the vehicular accident most often responsible for whiplash is a rear-end collision.

Some individuals notice immediate pain. Others do not feel the need for neck pain relief until a few days after the event.

The most common symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling in the arms
  • Headaches originating at the base of the skull
  • Pain residing in the arms, shoulders, and upper back
  • Discomfort when moving the head side to side or front to back or when trying to look over a shoulder
  • Arm tingling or numbness

Our practice serves the entire Tecumseh area. Patients can enjoy same-day appointments at our center to achieve relief from pain.

Neck Pain Relief from Our Tecumseh Chiropractic Center

After making a whiplash diagnosis, our Tecumseh doctor creates a customized treatment plan for each patient to achieve neck pain relief. If his exam reveals that one or more vertebrae are misaligned, he manually adjusts each one back into its proper position. Massage therapy and prescribed physical exercises might also be part of the treatment plan.

Prompt treatment from a local practitioner could reduce the chance of injuries that worsen over time.

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