Healthy nutrition plays a key role in a healthy life. If you are struggling with health concerns such as weight gain, chronic pain, inflammation or headaches, seek nutritional advice from Tecumseh Chiropractic Center. We will evaluate your challenges and your current diet to share with you areas of improvement that will lead to overall health benefits. Not only does a healthy eating plan help you lose weight, but it also improves blood pressure, cholesterol, and the overall function of your cardiovascular system.

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Individualized Nutrition Plans

Our chiropractor uses a complete healthy eating plan to determine where changes can be made in your food choices. We work with you and listen to your wellness goals before assembling a nutritional plan that fits your needs. Along with helping you reach personal goals such as weight loss, decreased blood pressure or increased energy levels, healthy nutritional advice pairs well with your chiropractic care. For example, if you currently use our chiropractic services to reduce chronic pain, we will combine this with an eating plan designed to decrease inflammation. Decreased inflammation leads to a decrease in chronic pain.

Dr. Tuttle also shows which foods are best when eaten together to help you avoid digestive concerns and irritable bowel syndrome. Our chiropractor’s nutritional advice shows you ways to get an optimal nutrient intake to enhance your overall well-being. When your foods are limited in nutritional value, we may suggest nutritional supplements to partner with your healthy eating plan.

Nutritional Advice for People of All Ages

If you live in or near the Tecumseh, Michigan area, we invite you to Tecumseh Chiropractic Center. Our chiropractor uses natural healing solutions such as chiropractic care and nutritional advice to meet your health and wellness needs. If you are experiencing pain in your back or joints, let Dr. Tuttle examine you and show you the ways an adjustment to your eating plan can help reduce your pain, increase strength and improve mental clarity.

Our nutritional advice is for clients of all ages, so if your child is struggling to focus on school, our chiropractor can show you the proper foods to improve mental focus. If your parent is experiencing memory challenges, Dr. Tuttle shows which foods enhance the memory. If you are searching for ways to improve your health and decrease health risks, let us show you which foods can help you achieve those goals.

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At Tecumseh Chiropractic Center, we provide nutritional services to meet you and your family’s needs so don’t wait to begin your new nutritional program. To schedule your first appointment, call Tecumseh Chiropractic Center today at (517) 423-7414.