Being involved in a car accident can be a scary and stressful experience. The aftermath of living with an injury obtained in that accident can be life-altering. Chronic pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, and the loss of mobility changes how we live our life from that time forward. With good chiropractic help, life changes do not always have to be permanent.

There are common injuries that they can successfully treat and give a person back their life. The superb treatment provided at the Tecumseh Chiropractic Center in Tecumseh, MI is helping many people recover from their injuries and take their life back.

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Chiropractor Treatment of Whiplash

Whiplash is a quite common auto accident injury. Here are a few symptoms experienced by those who get whiplash:

  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Loss of motion of the neck
  • Pain in the upper back, shoulders, and arms
  • Tingling in the arms
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches that start at the bottom of the skull

Whiplash is caused by the sudden forceful movement of the head in one direction and then in the other direction. This forceful movement causes the ligaments and tendons to overstretch. The force of the movement can also dislocate a vertebra in your neck or rupture a disc. These injuries cause inflammation and pressure to be put against nerves. The result is the symptoms listed above.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, your chiropractor will check the alignment of your spine and how your head is sitting on your spinal column. If a vertebra has been moved out of alignment, they will manually, but gently, work the vertebra back into proper alignment. The same would be done for a ruptured disc.

Inflammation can be treated with massage therapy techniques. Physical therapy and targeted exercises will help to relieve tight muscles and help strengthen them. All these treatment processes will relieve pressure off your nerves, aid in the healing process, and increase your range of motion.

Chiropractor Treatment of Lower Back Pain and Stiffness

Back injuries are also common in car accidents. These back injuries can cause stiffness, muscle spasms, and radiating pain down your legs.

Again, your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive examination of your spinal column. They will be looking for any misalignment or ruptured disc. It is important to discover the source of any pain or problem and correct it instead of just treating symptoms. The spinal column is a good place to start.

Like whiplash, any misaligned vertebrae discovered will the nudged back into its proper position. Ruptured discs will also be positioned properly. This realignment will take the pressure off of any affected nerve, thus reducing the pain you are experiencing.

Also, importantly, a properly aligned spine will allow you to stand and walk correctly. Your muscles and joints will be helped to function normally and have free movement.

Massage therapy, physical therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation will help to reduce swelling, increase blood flow to the injured areas, support your body’s normal healing process, relieve muscle tension, strengthen affected muscles and support tissues, and enhance your mobility.

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A skilled chiropractor can do much to help relieve the suffering you are experiencing from an injury obtained due to a car accident. You can trust the skilled and masterful treatment you will receive at the Tecumseh Chiropractic Center in Tecumseh, MI. Schedule an appointment with us today. Our comprehensive examination will locate the source of your problems. Our quality care will improve your well-being.