Spinal Care from Your Chiropractor in Tecumseh, MI Is As Easy As 1-2-3


Spinal Care

We often tell our patients that chiropractic care is a lot like building your house. There is an order in which things have to be done. You don’t build the roof and then lay the foundation. You don’t install the windows before you have built the walls, and nobody puts in the basement last.

At Tecumseh Chiropractic we:

  • We start with finding pain relief. Some of our patients have chronic pain from a condition. This can be debilitating and prevent them from experiencing the things they enjoy in their daily life. It also serves to encourage routine visits as pain relief is often at its highest right after an appointment. It’s very important to frequently visit your chiropractor as they can provide continued relief, and supply updates on your current condition.
  • Follow relief care with restorative care. It’s not enough just to get your spine back into good alignment. You need to stabilize your spine and ensure that ligaments, tendons, and muscles also heal properly. By this point in your treatment, your pain account should be nearly drawn down, but you will still need some help in dealing with daily stresses and strains. You will probably need to see your chiropractor in Tecumseh, MI four to eight times a month.
  • Ensure lasting wellness with follow-up care. Once you have a painful condition under control, you want to make sure you never have to deal with it again. Your chiropractor can give you the treatments you need and also the education you can’t get from anywhere else. Chiropractors pursue a holistic approach to healing. Whether you need spinal adjustment, spinal stabilization, cold laser treatments, massage, or nutritional coaching, your chiropractor in Tecumseh is a one-stop shop for total health.

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